It is quite irritating when you Brother Printer breaks down. And if it takes place in the middle of some urgent job, then yes it can be frustrating. Deadlines are approaching, scheduled an interview or an important sales job requires the printer to work. 

There can be an issue of printing only one document, unable to get a printout of logo and text at the same time, won't print black and white, printer defaulting to fax, toner quitting etc. In case, if the user cannot find the appropriate solution for these mentioned issues, then don’t worry.  Get in touch with Brother Printer support Canada at your service. The user can avail our services anytime as we are available 24/7.  

There can be numerous issues which the user might be experiencing with the printer. Have a look for a few feasible solutions in order to get the printer working in the minimum time possible:

1. Only one document is printing- It happens when the user's printer is printing one document even after giving command for more than one, then follow the steps-

a. Go to Control Panel and select Printers.

b. Right click on the Printer icon for the computer and then, select the properties.

c. Within Advanced tab, the user will find a box saying 'enable advanced printing features'.

d. Disable it and then click OK.

2. Unable to get Black and White print- This issue crops up with the particular version of Brother Printer. In that case, the user has to make sure that they have a color ink full besides to the black and white or it will not print. Even if the user is not using color in a black and white print, the printer will keep saying 'replace ink' even if the color is full.

3. Unable to get print logo and text simultaneously- In some of the brother printers, the user is unable to get the printout with a bitmap logo along with the normal text, and have to print one or another. Luckily, there are two solutions for this problem- 

a. Using the Anchor 'As character' for setting the images.

b. Export to PDF and get the print out of PDF document.

4. Defaulting to Fax instead of Print- In case, if the user is finding Brother Printer defaulting to fax instead of printing every time when clicking for print something, then there is a solution for this problem. Right Click on the Printer from Control Panel and select to make it 'Default.

5. Printer toner finishes before it’s actually done- It is another problem in some of the Brother Printers model. In a situation when printers won't let the user print as it says that you are out of toner even when you are not. There is a trick to solve this issue without letting the printer know and continue to print by placing a small piece of tape over the eye present on the bottom of the machine if you have removed the cartridge. Ensure to check out for the toner is getting low.

These are the common issues which the user might encounter while operating the printer. 

Brother printer support Canada is available 24/7 at toll-free Brother Printer number 1-844-888-3870.

If the user is still going through the above-stated issues even after applying the quick fixes, then get in touch with the professionals of Brother printer Support helpline number 1-844-888-3870. Our experts are available 24/7 for all printer related issues. 

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